Using SMS as One of Your Recruiting Tools

Now your company can recruit faster and more efficiently thanks to SMS. In the past, recruiters had to be part time headhunters, part time spies, sneaking around in pubs and water closets, hoping for just a few moments of privacy with job candidates. So how is SMS changing the playing field? Here’s why SMS is spot on as a recruitment tool.


Previously, recruiters have had to be reticent about leaving messages on answerphones, in case current employers, coworkers or even nosy barmen eavesdropped when it was being played. SMS is a private communication that shows up only on the target’s mobile, with no need for the recipient to speak or give awkward, coded replies.

Instant Access

Having to operate only within the boundaries of normal business hours used to put a strain on communication go rounds. Since the ringer isn’t needed when vibration mode is activated, recruiters can SMS round the clock without worry about disturbing meetings or family time.

Written Record

With SMS, there’s a neat little automatic written history of correspondence, so both parties can refer back to previous texts to confirm details like promises, dates and salary requirements.

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