Space Saving Storage Tips for Your Boston Condo

South Boston condos have plenty of storage naturally, but as you enjoy the splendid shopping in South Boston, you’ll likely want to be more efficient with your storage choices. Here are some great space saving storage tips for your Boston condo.

Go Vertical

When floor space is limited, remember that you can always go up. Most ceilings in a South Boston condo will have ceilings that are at least nine feet high. That gives you a lot of storage capacity when you choose a narrow storage shelves. You can tuck one of these into a corner of the kitchen, living room, or even in your bedroom.

A ladder shelf can be leaned up against any wall to hold and display books, photo albums, DVDs, or a special collection of figurines.

Utilize Wall Space

Wall space doesn’t have to be only for hanging clocks and pictures. You can combine décor and storage by hanging floating shelves anywhere in your South Boston home. Display photos, book collections, or just use as a storage spot for votive candles and accessories.

Install a beautiful wrought iron rod on the bedroom wall to display and store an extra blanket or quilt. Hang S-hooks on the rod to hold scarves, necklaces or belts.

Install wall-mounted lighting next to your headboard for late night reading. Install wall sconces in the living room for ambient light that doesn’t encroach on floor space.

Hang a decorative wall display of your most beautiful baking tins. They’ll stay out of cabinets and be easily accessible when you need them.

In the garage of your Boston condo, use wall space to mount kayaks and bicycles.

Choose Functional Furniture

Many available furniture pieces offer storage solutions as well as lounging comfort for your South Boston condo.

Look for ottomans with lids and interior storage, coffee tables with drawers and hinged tops and inside space to store couch throws, remote controls, games, pillows and more.

Choose end tables with side storage in the form of shelves and cabinets.

Add functionality to Existing Cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets can be used for extra storage with a few minor modifications.

Screw in cup hooks inside cabinet doors to keep measuring spoons and cups out of the drawer and within easy reach.

Install a magnetic knife rack against the backsplash to save even more drawer space.

The rule of thumb is, try to make everything in your South Boston home perform at least two purposes. For more fun and creative ways to store your beautiful South Boston belongings at home, please contact us today!


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