Relationship Tips to Reboot Your Marriage

A strong marriage can last for years. Over time, though, boredom and neglect can take their toll on even the best relationships. If you find yourself in a marriage that has lost its luster, you might be wondering what you can do to repair it, or worse, second-guessing your commitment. Don’t assume the rest of your marriage will be all down hill from here. Use these relationship tips to reboot your marriage and get back that spark that brought you together in the first place.


Psychological studies have shown that risk and danger heighten sexual attraction. If you and your spouse have lost that spark in the bedroom, here’s a great way to get it back.

Consider taking an adventure trip where there’s an element of danger. Take skydiving lessons and jump out of an airplane together. Go on a African safari, or go swimming with the sharks in a controlled setting. Activities like these can get your adrenalin pumping, which in turn will kick your libidos in gear.

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