Recruiting Red Flags to Avoid

Do you wonder what happens on the other end of your application process after your CV is in the hands of the recruiter? Would you like to know the secrets of what makes recruiters place certain CVs in the “call for interview” stack and others in the “rejected” pile? Here’s your insider’s guide on things that recruiters red flag, and how to replace them with items that recruiters consider gold.


Recruiters are experts at detecting fabrications on CVs. Fabrications are, of course, a euphemism for falsehood. One telltale sign that you’ve written a lie on your CV is the presence of inconsistencies.

Inconsistencies might include things like:

  • You claim to have an advanced degree in business, but your job history shows you’ve worked the night shift in a chipper for the last three years.
  • The dates on your CV indicate you were somehow able to be in two places at one time, effectively violating almost every natural law in the universe.
  • Your CV states you were a finalist candidate at a top solicitor’s firm, immediately after which you accepted a job as a secretary at an insurance company.

What to do instead:

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