Picture Better Internal Marketing and Branding

As any company owner knows, employee meetings are key to disseminating information, implementing new projects, and bringing everybody up to speed on ongoing projects. Meetings are also necessary for public companies that need to open the company to shareholders, companies of all kinds that have a board of directors, and much more. Even with the proliferation of collaborative software that make it easier for workers in the field to team up with colleagues online, in-person meetings will never lose their place in the corporate environment.


Maximize Meeting Value With Film

One of the best ways to get the most from your meetings is to film them. This may be an unusual concept if your company has never considered filming meetings before. But there are many benefits to filming company meetings. Filming corporate meetings for internal marketing and branding makes a lot of sense. Following are just some of the ways that video can enhance the value of your company meetings.

Gain Transparency With Film

When your company films company meetings, you gain corporate transparency. Anyone who’s interested, or who you grant access to, can view the film and see behind the closed doors of your company culture. This is a powerful tool in this era of transparency. Imagine how your company can gain customers’ trust when you publish one or more of your company meetings on your business social media pages.

Film as a Legal Tool

Company meetings tools can serve as an effective legal tool in the case of litigation against your company. Though this isn’t a good reason to film company meetings, the film being in existence could still serve as proof against possible prosecution, if the need ever arose. For example, you could prove where an idea for a product originated, that an employee was not abusive (or was), and as general proof of the overall company culture.

Film as a Sharing Tool

Video of company meetings could be used as a way to share information to those who were unable to attend the meeting in person. If an employee was out of town during the meeting, they could still either stream it or download the file for viewing at a later date. This would allow them to stay in the loop with more information than any meeting notes could convey.

Film as a Training Tool

Filmed company meetings could be included as part of a training package for new employees. Trainees could get a better sense of projects that the company is currently working on, who the players are, and how meetings are traditionally run at your company.

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