Now’s the Time to Rejuvenate Your Text Marketing Campaigns

Has your text marketing campaign taken a nosedive? Though it may seem like an SMS campaign should run itself automatically, it does require a little personal touch every now and again. Here are signs that your text marketing campaign needs a shot of adrenaline and some ways to rejuvenate it.

Your Subscribers Are Dwindling

If you started out like gangbusters with so many thousands of subscribers that you had to hire an SMS management company, and now you’re looking at what might add up to a few hundred, you’ve definitely got a problem. Dwindling subscriber numbers are a sure sign that your SMS campaign has run its course, and it’s time to put it out to pasture.

No One Responds Anymore

Do you still have a respectable number of subscribers, but no one seems to be responding anymore? Do your links go unclicked? Do your sales announcements and contests fall flat because of so little public interest? If this describes your text marketing campaign, it’s time to deconstruct the whole thing and start again from scratch. Somewhere along the line you or your marketer messed up and to continue down the same road would be folly.

Has Your Audience Changed?

If your subscriber numbers are shrinking or no one seems to care what texts you send, it could be that your audience has changed. Are you absolutely certain that you’re marketing to the right crowd? In the article, “Tips for Rejuvenating a Tired Text Marketing Campaign,” it’s suggested that a revisit of your target audience should be done every now and then. Often, people subscribe to receive text marketing messages without giving it too much thought. Only after they start receiving irrelevant texts do they realize they signed up for something in which they aren’t interested. If you haven’t already, write up some customer profiles, and match them as best you can to your subscribers. Chances are, you’ll find you’re preaching to the wrong crowd.

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