Not Time to Retire Mobile Marketing

Are you thinking about retiring within the next 10 years? Have you been looking for an affordable way to make one last big sales push of your products or services before you retire? Mobile marketing may just be the answer to what you’ve been seeking.


Understanding Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing encompasses all marketing that takes place between the company and its audience via a mobile device like a smart phone. The audience may be current or prospective customers. It’s dubbed mobile marketing simply because the marketing makes use of mobile devices, but essentially its advertising delivered to user’s cell phones.

Two Main Rules of Mobile Marketing

Since you as the company would be delivering your advertising message to a cell phone, you need the recipient’s cell phone number. So the first rule of mobile marketing is that the recipient has to opt-in. This opt-in requirement implies that the recipient is willing to accept your company’s text messages.

The second rule of mobile marketing is that your company must supply an easy way for recipient’s to opt-out. For whatever reason, your lead may decide they changed their mind and they no longer are interested in receiving your texts. So on your website or in your texts, you need to give an easy way for customers to decline future communication via text.

Making Mobile Marketing Effective

Of course, if you’re simply texting your prospects to say “hi,” or to remind them that you exist, your opt-out rates are going to go through the roof. To make your mobile marketing campaign effective, you need to provide some kind of value to your text recipients that they can’t get elsewhere. Every text has to either have important, relevant information, or it has to offer something. Successful mobile marketing companies like Starbucks and Joann Fabric send coupons to their SMS recipients. These special coupons are available only to people via text message. Other companies announce closed sales via SMS, or give early notification about upcoming store events.

Why Mobile Marketing Works

More than 98 percent of cell phones in the U.S. have the ability to receive text messages, and 60 percent of those who have such phones are active subscribers to SMS mobile marketing campaigns.

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