Most Popular Party Foods

Nothing says party like a table filled with party foods, and every type of gathering seems to have its own kind of foods associated with it. The tradition of serving foods at parties and gatherings probably dates back to the first meals that were prepared and enjoyed around campfires. With such a cornucopia of foods available to modern day diners, it’s fun to serve the various dishes that best complement the party occasion.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

The Buffalo chicken wing was purportedly invented by the owner of the Anchor Bar in New York. The story goes that the owner’s son was coming into town from college, bringing along several of his buddies. The owner needed a quick snack to serve hungry college students, and placed an order for chicken from her restaurant supplier. The order got messed up, and she only received the small wing and drum sections of the chicken. Faced with a food emergency, she used her chicken sense and deep fried the wings. She then concocted the famous Buffalo sauce for coating, and a favorite party food was born. Today, off-the-shelf Buffalo sauce is available nationwide, including the original version from the Anchor bar in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo chicken wings are a staple at Super Bowl parties. Buffalo wings are traditionally spicy, so it’s important to serve a refreshing beverage such as soda, ice water or beer along with the chicken wings.

Potato Salad

It seems like every family has an aunt or grandmother with a delicious secret potato salad recipe. Potato salad flavors run the gamut from sour to sweet. The ingredients used in this All-American dish are as varied as the cooks who whip it up. One ingredient that is non-negotiable, however, is potatoes. Different recipes call for either Russet, Golden, Red or New potato varieties, and each imparts a subtle variation in the taste. Potato salad can almost always be found at cookouts and barbeques. The danger in serving this particular dish in the hot sun is that mayonnaise—another chief ingredient–can’t be left out in the heat for too long. This has prompted cooks to substitute egg mayonnaise with vegetable based mayonnaise alternatives, to rave reviews. The best way to protect potato salad when outside is by serving it in a covered dish and placing it in a shady area.

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