Most Popular Paint Colors for Bathrooms

It can be tricky to choose a color for a bathroom that is both pleasing and functional. Luckily, there are popular bathroom paint colors trending now that will fit any home’s décor. Remember, when painting bathrooms, use moisture resistant paint formulations. Grab a paint brush and supplies and get ready to transform the look and feel of your bathroom with one of these ideas.

Crisp White

The popularity of crisp white as a bathroom paint color is tried and true. Many people enjoy the look of a white bathroom because it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. Another, more practical, benefit to painting bathroom walls crisp white is that dirt and grime show up easily. After a thorough cleaning, any missed spots can be easily located and taken care of. All bathroom sink, toilet, and tub and shower manufacturers offer crisp white appliances, which makes it easy to match the wall color of the bathroom. For a dramatically stark effect, try painting the bathroom cabinets in the same crisp white color. The reflective properties of white paint are unsurpassed by any other color, as a crisp white bathroom will be bright and clean looking.

Black and White

Black and white bathrooms remain a popular choice among those remodeling bathrooms. Using both pure black and pure white paint will create an eye dazzling effect that will make the bathroom look trendy and chic. Try painting a checkerboard pattern on the top half of the bathroom wall, with a solid black or white coat on the bottom half. Black and white paint in a small room like a bathroom will give an art deco feel that lends itself to any modern bathroom accessories that you can find. Silver cabinet hardware and faucets would complete the look.

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