Make the Insurance Selling Process a Premium Point

Considering the fact that insurance agents and brokers offer products that every consumer needs, you would think that they wouldn’t have too hard of a time selling insurance. After all, shouldn’t everyone jump at the chance to get extra protection for all the things that matter in their lives? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy or straightforward. Insurance companies need to market their products heavily in order to get their messages across with promises of competitive rates, responsive agents and comprehensive coverage.

What are some ways that might make the selling process easier and produce better results? This article takes a look at two insurance selling tips that every insurance salesperson might appreciate.

Sell the results, not the product.

If you look at the way other companies sell their products, you’ll notice a vast difference between their method and the method of most insurance agents. Most companies sell their results, not the product itself. Take a wrinkle cream commercial, for example. The commercial focuses on the resulting smooth, wrinkle-free skin if the woman uses the cream. Hardly ever do they mention the cream itself. You can see the same things with many products. Men’s shaving cream focuses on smooth skin, bedding commercials focus on the satisfying night of sleep that can be had with luxury sheets, and car commercials focus on how others will perceive you when you’re driving a new auto.

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