Make Text Messaging a Priority in Your Marketing Strategy

By now, your business marketing budget has areas for branding efforts, social media development, content marketing, web site development and management. It probably also has provisions for traditional marketing methods like sponsorships, community outreach, and so on.

But you may be missing one key ingredient in your marketing plan. This one ingredient can help bring your business services to the forefront in a fairly new arena. This newer arena hasn’t yet been exploited by so many businesses as to make your marketing efforts redundant. That arena is text messaging, sometimes called SMS, or text marketing. Here are seven clear advantages of text marketing and why you should make text messaging a priority.

You’ll reach people where they live.

Almost everyone has a smart phone. And nearly everyone is highly responsive to their smart phones, because that’s their connection to their friends, their employers, and more. So when that smart phone buzzes or rings to notify them that they have an email, a call or a text, you know they’ll be reaching immediately into their purses or back pocket to find out what the message is.

Its ROI is off the charts.

The investment that you need to make into text messaging is nominal. Your highest costs might be associated with hiring a marketing writer to come up with some persuasive copy for the text messages you send out. After that, you’ll might pay a nominal fee to automate the text messages. Your potential return on investment for text marketing compared to any other marketing method is sky high.

It’s easily scalable.

Since you’ll be managing a body of text messages to be sent out, you can quickly and easily scale your marketing campaign almost immediately after you secure new leads. Just add the new mobile number into your database of recipients and you’re done. Your database can grow exponentially with very little effort on your part.

You can integrate it into your existing campaign.

If you subscribe to the “touch each customer six times” marketing theory, you’ll love how easy it will be to make text messaging one of those “touches.” Conceivably, you could even remove one of your other marketing funnel elements and replace it with this less costly option.

It’s environmentally friendly.

Rather than send out paper mailers, coupons or other marketing “junk mail,” you can use text messaging to cut down on the trillions of tons of paper waste that occurs just in this country alone.

You’ll reach a broader demographic.

Even preteens and grandparents have smart phones now. When you make text messaging part of your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach a much broader demographic than ever before, with little or no additional cost.

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