Life Lessons We Can Learn From French Women

French women are renowned throughout the world for their beauty, style, sex appeal, elegance and grace. It kinda seems like French women know something we don’t, right? Instead of jealously looking over our shoulders at them, maybe we can learn from French women.


You won’t catch a French woman running out for milk in her pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt. Wherever she goes, the quintessential French woman dresses as though she will be seen and noticed. She knows that dressing well not only makes her look good on the outside; it makes her feel good on the inside. That’s a lesson we can all stand to learn from French women.


From her head to her toes, the French woman makes sure all the details are covered. Eyebrows are tweezed, nails are polished, jewelry is in place and hair is coiffed. The little details make all the difference between French women and the rest of us, but there’s no reason we can’t follow suit.

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