It’s Not Him, It’s You

Do your relationships always seem to end for inexplicable reasons? Are you constantly lamenting the lack of good men out there? It might not be him, after all. Here are some possible reasons why your relationship isn’t working.

You Choose Poorly

Remember that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie when the knight tells the bad guy “you chose poorly” after he picks the incorrect Holy Grail? That might be you.

Do you find yourself attracted to inappropriate men? Maybe they’re decades younger or older than you. Maybe they are unemployed drifters (albeit with irresistible looks and charm). Or maybe they have a completely different value system than you do. (They are at home on Wall Street & you’re still hoping Greenpeace will approve your application so you can help save dolphins.)

If you’re always with the wrong guy, your relationship will always fail. If this describes you, it couldn’t hurt to do some introspection to figure out why you’re self-sabotaging your relationships.

You’re a Control Freak

You know who was a control freak? Joan Crawford. So much so that her own daughter wrote a tell-all book that became the hit movie, “Mommie Dearest.” Now, is that what you want to happen in your life?

Does your boyfriend annoy you when he doesn’t tell you where he is all the time? Do you believe there’s a right way to live life (your way) and a wrong way to do things? Do you find yourself correcting his grammar and giving him a list of what not to say in front of your family or friends? Then you, my dearest, should look in the mirror and see if you’re ready for your close up.

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