How to Wear Croakies

Croakies are essentially a sunglass tether. They consist of a piece of cord with plugs on either end that attach to the arms of sunglasses. Croakies were originally invented with boaters and fishermen in mind. The high sun glare off the sea necessitated that those who made their living on the water wear sunglasses. But sunglasses were frequently lost due to the repetitive bending over while working on the boat. Soon boaters and fishers alike were sporting Croakies in droves. It wasn’t long before golfers, construction contractors and roadside crew workers started availing themselves of these useful sunglass savers. It was only a short time after that when college students and the rest of the general public realized that wearing sunglass or eyeglasses without securing them to Croakies was just plain foolhardy.

Match Styles

There is such a wide selection of Croakies to choose from now that it only makes good sense to match the style of the Croakie to the outfit being worn, as well as the occasion. Cougar women types may like a Croakie with an animal print. Those enjoying a sea cruise might like Croakies in colors such as coral or turquoise. Sportsters like bicyclists and runners may appreciate brightly colored fluorescent Croakies that are easy to spot when dusk approaches. Still others may like to make a lifestyle or political statement with rainbow-colored Croakies or ones with flag colors imprinted on the band.

Fit the Size

If a child is going to be using the Croakies, a shorter band length should be used. Special, micro-sized Croakies are available for children. An adult can wear any of the regular Croakies with ease, since the band is long enough for an average person to wear comfortably. The size of the eyeglass or sunglass frames usually impacts the size of the arms of the eyewear. For a secure and snug fit, choose a Croakies size that is compatible with the frames being worn.

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