How to Train Like an Olympic Athlete in Miami

The Olympic athletes instill pride in the nations they represent. But they also inspire local athletes to push harder, train better and go for the gold in their own way. Olympic athletes work hard to train and prepare for the championship competition of their lives. Do the Olympics inspire to reach your optimal physical condition? Then check out these training spots in Miami that will challenge you and help you achieve your peak physical shape.

Bommarito Performance Systems (BPS)
Bommarito Performance Systems is a center with locations in North Miami and Davie, Florida for serious athletes. Athletes like Michael Phelps, who compete as a living, are likely to be seen here. They definitely push the limits to get athletes to reach beyond. The Bommarito Performance Systems center offers a tri-fold system for success, including training, nutrition and general fitness. Here, you can avail of an Olympic running track, a 5,000 square foot weight room, and both an indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Athlete’s Edge
Athlete’s Edge is located on the campus of Saint Thomas University in Miami. Don’t be shy. It’s open to members and you don’t have to be a college student to be a member. If you’re interested in being faster, this is the place for you. They train serious athletes (can you say Miami Dolphins?) to improve their skills in speed, acceleration, stamina, deceleration, change of direction, explosion, power, and reaction. Sound like the place for you? Get started by going to their site and scheduling a performance evaluation.

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