How to Rebuild a Cr250

Thousands of people of all ages enjoy racing dirt bikes for fun and competition. One of the most popular dirt bikes of all time is the Honda CR250. This dirt bike became for sale to the public beginning in 1973 and ending in 2007, for a span of 37 years. Since then, dirt bike racing devotees have enthusiastically hung on to their classic CR250 bikes, caring for them like an extended member of the family. Rather than give up on a CR250 bike that isn’t performing like it used to, many dirt bike aficionados find ways to rebuild and restore this beloved and classic bike.

Take Note of the Existing Assembly

Before disassembling the CR250, take note of the existing assembly. Once the engine is taken apart, it can be tricky to try to mentally recall how every little piece fits together again. Take advantage of a smart phone’s camera and photograph the bike before you begin. Take shots from several angles and include close ups of connections, bolts and screws. As work commences, take progress photographs of each piece being taken apart. If memory doesn’t serve well, the pictures will be a lifesaver for figuring out how to put everything back together again.

Organize the Work Area

When laying out the parts for the CR250 rebuild, be super organized. Use plastic tubs and small container to keep smaller pieces together that connect to the same engine part. Keep some masking tape and a marker handy to label parts as they are laid out. Not only will this help keep the work area organized, but it will make quick work of identifying the next part needed in the reassembly phase.

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