How to Make Culottes From a Skirt

Culottes are long, wide-leg shorts that are a fun and fashionable apparel item. By repurposing a women’s skirt, savvy sewers can make culottes and save the trouble of buying them from a retail store. Start with a wide circle skirt that is still in good condition, fabric-wise. For this project, it’s important to use a circle skirt so that enough leg room will be available for both legs. Make sure there are no stains, tears or worn areas on the skirt fabric. In addition, skirts with the waistband and zipper or buttons intact will make the best culottes project. Launder and iron the skirt ahead of time to ensure that no unexpected shrinkage occurs with the fabric, and that all wrinkles are smoothed out.

Gather the Materials

In addition to the skirt, this project requires sharp sewing scissors, a fabric marker, measuring tape, straight pins, and of course the skirt.

Measure for Length

Depending on how long you want the culottes, and the height of the person who will be wearing the culottes, measure for length. Start from the waist of the wearer, measure down to the length of the culottes, and add 1-1/2 inches. Starting from the bottom of the existing skirt, measure the distance that you got, remembering to add the 1-1/2 inches. Use the fabric marker to make a tick mark at that point. Measure again on the other side of the skirt, starting from the bottom, and make another tick mark with the marker. Draw a line across between the two tick marks and cut on the line with the scissors.

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