How to Make a Crokinole Board

Crokinole is a board game where players push plastic or wooden discs across a round playing surface, attempting to have their discs stop in a high scoring area. At the same time, players hope to push their opponents’ pieces off the board. The history of Crokinole dates as far back as 1876, when it was invented by a Canadian named Eckhardt Wettlaufer. Those who want to make their own Crokinole board will be in good company, as the first boards were also handcrafted.

Make the Base

The base is the bottom level of the board. A homemade wooden board can be shaped as an octagon instead of circle, for simplification purposes. To ensure that the base is level, use MDF, which is pressed board. Plywood and other woods tend to bow and warp, but MDF will be straight and level. Choose a piece of MDF that measures 32” x 32.” Use a miter saw to cut 8 sides that are 13 – 1/4 “ long each.

Attach the Border

The border, or rails, of the Crokinole board prevent discs from sliding off the board and onto the floor. For this, use slats of wood measuring ½ inch thick. Use the miter saw to cut the ends so the rails join together at the corners. Use finish nails to attach the rails to the edge of the base, and wood glue to connect the corners of the rails.

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