How to Make a Clipboard

Clipboards are an often underappreciated office supply. They are versatile, lightweight, and convenient. In a pinch, a clipboard can even stand in when a desktop is not available. Clipboards fit easily into suitcases, and come in handy while traveling on buses, trains and airplanes. They make interesting and functional gifts for teachers, writers, or anyone who travels frequently for their job. A clipboard is, at its essence, a board with a clip attached, and the best clipboards can accommodate a pen or pencil. A handmade clipboard can be customized and decorated in a variety of ways to express the personality of the owner. Here’s one way to make a long lasting and useful clipboard.

Assemble the Supplies

For this project, assemble the following supplies:

  • 1/8 inch thick plexiglass, cut to dimension of 9” x 12”
  • (This dimension will ensure that the clipboard is large enough to back a standard 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper.)
  • 1 binder clip, size large
  • Contact paper in any pleasing design
  • Rubber band, colored, size large

Cut the Contact Paper to Size

Cut plexiglass will have sharp edges, which isn’t desirable for a clipboard. To protect against accidental injury, the edges of the plexiglass need to be covered. Lay out the contact paper roll on a flat work surface. Use a ruler and pen to mark out a sheet of contact paper measuring 10” x 23.” Using the pen marks and the pre-printed gridlines on the back of the contact paper, carefully cut out the sheet of contact paper. Set the rest of the roll aside for another project. Lay the cut contact paper in the middle of the work surface. If the paper wants to roll up, secure the four corners with heavy objects, such as paper weights.

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