How to Keep Your Relationship Strong After Having a Baby

According to the Gottman Institute, experts in marital stability and divorce prediction, 69% of new parents report feelings of disappointment and hurt after bringing baby home. If you’re worried about how to keep your relationship strong after having a baby, you’re not alone. It’s wise to consider the strength of your relationship as you transition into parenthood with your partner. Here is a guide to building a strong relationship between you and your partner that will lead to a strong family unit.

Strengthen the Relationship Before the Baby Arrives

Parents who are already struggling with feelings of uncertainty about the relationship or about having a baby will be more at risk of separation or dissolution of the union after the baby arrives.

Spend quality time with your partner before the baby comes. Go to places where you can be alone and talk in peace without interruption, such as a park, by the sea, or even a walk down the sidewalk in your neighborhood. Enjoy this time alone together as it will be one of the last times you have before you both become parents and are changed forever.

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