How to Grow Old Gracefully

The Administration on Aging estimates that by the year 2060, over 98 millionAmericans will be aged 65 and older. That 65 year-old person would be 21 years old today. If you’re at least 21 now, you’ll be part of that segment of the population in 2060. How well you age and how healthy you are when you become an older person depends on what you do now and in the years leading up that time.


Aging is often considered to be primarily a matter of external appearance. The skin sags, collagen production is reduced, hair thins and wrinkles and age spots appear. Aging folks frequently begin to stoop. The cushions in between the vertebrae in the spine degenerate and they lose height. Eyes yellow and teeth shift or decay.

This all sounds perfectly horrid, but those of us who are farther along in the aging process know that this is only half of the aging process. The internal process of aging is also something to be dealt with.

Aging people may have memory loss. Even without the dramatic symptoms of a diagnosable condition such as Alzheimer’s, it is maddening to be searching for words that are on the “tip of the tongue” but won’t come to mind. The constant lost keys and eyeglasses become frustrating daily reminders of age.

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