How to Find a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Both families and professionals looking to buy a home in the South Shore or Greater Boston have many options as far as family-friendly neighborhoods. Here are some handy tips for finding the family-friendly neighborhood that will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Is it Walkable?

If you have school aged children, you’ll probably want a neighborhood with sidewalks for safety and convenience. Consider whether area amenities such as neighborhood grocery marts, community theaters and centers are within walking distance.

Are Parks and Open Space Available?

Weekend family activities often include dog walks in the park, Frisbee throwing or impromptu family football games. A nearby local park or outdoor space will make family life more enjoyable.

Look for Community Sports Plazas

Drive around the neighborhood and see if there are any sports areas available to the community, such as basketball or volleyball courts. Are they being used? If so, that usually indicates that the town keeps up the equipment.

Consider the Speed Limits

Family-friendly neighborhoods will usually have children’s safety in mind when they post low speed limits. Are streets clearly marked for crossings? Are there speed bumps to discourage excessive speed in residential areas?

Where Can Kids Hang Out?

Ask your real estate agent if there are places for kids and teens to hang out after school. Is there a town swimming pool or indoor recreation center? Are there any skate parks, art centers or bicycle paths?

Look for Signs of Family Life

As you drive through the neighborhood, check out the lawns and any open garages. Do you see signs of children in the family, such as bikes in the garage, children’s holiday decorations or school bumper stickers on vehicles? These are all signs of family life that indicate children live in the area.

Is There a Neighborhood Watch Program?

Neighborhood watch programs are usually implemented by residents that place a high value on community, cooperation and safety. If you see signs posted for such a program, chances are it’s a family-friendly neighborhood.

Is There a Local Baseball Diamond?

Apart from a general sports area, a dedicated baseball diamond, complete with bleacher seats for proud parents, is a good sign that the neighborhood is very family-friendly.

It’s wonderful to know that there are plenty of family-friendly areas in South Shore and the Greater Boston region. Whether you’re looking for a Canton property or considering Scituate homes for sale, contact us for more helpful information about finding the perfect home for you and your loved ones.

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