How to Dress Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is a kind of cultural statement that can be at least partially defined as a mix of industrial, dystopia, rebel, techno, and science fiction. The term came about from fiction writers, who created protagonists that anti utopia and that embraced a kind of devil-may-care attitude about the status quo. The popularity of cyberpunk is an interesting reflection on social attitudes where people feel they can no longer rely on traditional social order, and where there are no guarantees in life. Cyberpunk enthusiasts often enjoy dressing the part for comic conventions, or even as part of daily life. Dressing up and role playing can be a fun way to express one’s personality or interests, even when it’s not Halloween.

Start With the Top

Hair is perhaps the easiest thing to change to start to get the look of cyberpunk. A different hairstyle or color has transformative power. Experiment with different hairstyles to find one that can be readily managed for the occasion, or for everyday wear. Temporary hair colors are available in a wide range of vivid, shocking colors that will turn heads in public. These hair colors wash out easily with regular shampoo and water, so if the look turns out less than desirable, it’s easy to undo. A haircut or trim is another option. One option, made popular by the actress Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, is to shave the head. For a female, especially, this look communicates a rebel attitude that defies social mores. To shave the head, use an electric razor with fresh or newly sharpened blades. Dull blades will create abrasions that will be unattractive and unhygienic on anyone, cyberpunk or not. Use a mirror or enlist a friend’s help to shave the back of the head in a uniform manner. Remember that shaved heads are vulnerable to sunburn, so wear sunblock or a hat when in the sun for an extended time.


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