How To Build A Trellis For Clematis

Clematis are impressive flowering vines that can be trained to grow onto a trellis. A clematis trellis can be a freestanding unit, or it can be something that leans against a structure, such as a house, or it can be attached to a building structure. Finding the right-sized trellis at the right price can be tricky, so here are instructions for building a customizable trellis on which clematis vines can thrive.

Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

To build this trellis, specific tools and materials are needed. They are:

  • Staple gun, compressor and staples
  • (3) 2×4 posts, pressure-treated (any desired length)
  • lattice (any desired width)
  • wood slat, measuring the diagonal length of the lattice
  • post digger (can be rented from equipment supplier)
  • 2-pound bag of gravel

Dig the first hole.

Decide where the trellis will be located, and dig the first post hole to a depth of about 30 inches deep. Try not to make the hole too wide. Insert the first post. Fill the surrounding area with a mix of gravel and soil. Tamp down after each shovelful.


Measure the width of the lattice, and find the middle. The next post will support the middle of the lattice. Make allowance for the lattice to overlap on top of the end posts.

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