How Much Does Breastfeeding Really Save?

New parents are often staggered by the number of expenses that arise over providing for a baby. Before the baby is even born, credit cards have been maxed out, and the nursery is filled with teddy bears, double strollers, baby hangers for baby clothes, and baby “grooming” supplies like powder, lotion, and Q-tips.
Increasingly, parents are considering breastfeeding as a means to reduce the cost of feeding their baby. So how much does breastfeeding really save? 

Trying to calculate the actual cost of formula versus the savings of breastfeeding is difficult to impossible. Babies don’t all eat (or in this case, drink) the same amount, the price and brands of formula are highly variable, and there are hidden monetary and non-monetary costs involved in both methods.

Costs associated with formula-feeding include:

  • Actual formula
  • Fuel to shop for formula
  • Time to shop for formula
  • Bottles for formula

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