How Can You Be The Best and Recruit The Best?

As a recruiter, you assume that you are in charge. You have all the power, right? You hold the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. You have the client, you have access to the world of candidates, and only you can join the two. In a sense, you’re a matchmaker. But a lot can happen to prevent the perfect match.

Do you want to be the best recruiter out there? Do you want to have the best clients and get candidates to come to you? It’s possible. Here’s how in two easy steps….

1. Be a good listener

Obviously, you don’t have hours to spend on the phone or on Skype listening to your clients or job candidates talking about their needs. After all, you want to have a personal life like everyone else, right? But you can listen without being there. Online forms are much more than a way to get people to submit contact information.


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