Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef in Your Circle

Is there a home chef on your gift list? It’s a lot of fun to shop for someone who appreciates the bliss of creating home-cooked meals. Whether they are just beginning, or are already good enough to open up their own bistro, you’re sure to find something yummy on this holiday gift guide for the chef in your circle.


In India, women carry their own spices with them, much the same way a head chef in America carries and uses his own kitchen knives wherever he goes to cook. An Indian spice box is an aluminum sealed container that traditionally holds the seven spices that comprise Masala Dabba, but your friend can store any spices they want. Your gift recipient will certainly appreciate the culture and care that is behind this unique chef’s gift.


Most chefs dream of canning their own fresh vegetables and fruits for convenient use any time of year. A pressure canner utilizes technology to make the tricky process of canning just a little easier. Its dual function as both a pressure cooker and a canner helps save storage space in your recipient’s kitchen.


For daring home cooks, making sushi is a feat worth trying. Sushi can be made with vegetables or with seafood, so even vegetarian chefs will enjoy receiving this deluxe sushi kit that comes complete with a cookbook and enough ingredients to make 125 pieces of sushi. Even after the ingredients are gone, the special sushi making tools will last a lifetime.

Anti-Fatigue Mat (

Standing in the kitchen making meals for hours is hard on the feet. Show your chef friend how much you care with the gift of an anti-fatigue mat. The one featured is easy to clean, skid resistant and waterproof, three additional qualities your cooking kin is sure to appreciate!

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