Is Interviewing a Career For You?

Do you feel like you’re always being interviewed, but you never get the job? Believe it or not, you should count yourself lucky. Only between four and six people get called in for an interview for every batch of 100 resumes. Obviously you’re doing something right on your resume and something wrong in your interview if interviewing has become a career for you. If you’re an interview veteran, this can actually hurt your chances of getting hired. People who interview too many times suffer from all sorts of problems, including complacency.

Are you so accustomed to interviewing that you’ve stopped trying very hard? Your attitude is more transparent than you think. Complacency can be seen in wrinkled clothing, poor posture, unenthusiastic replies, lackluster responses and little eye contact. If you go in to an interview expecting not to get the job, chances are you won’t.

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