Getting Work Done With the Kids at Home? It Can be Done!

If the title of this article grabbed your attention, chances are you’ve got a young one at home grabbing at your heartstrings or your hemline. Online images of savvy business people working from home seldom include disposable diapers, dummies, or sippy cups. So can work be done with kids at home? Absolutely. But there are some supplies you’ll need, and you won’t find them at Officeworks.

Myth One: Your baby can sit on your lap as you enter data or write reports.

Truth: Your baby has better things to do. Babies less than one year old are better off sitting in a bouncy seat on the floor facing you, with a string of colorful rattles and shapes to stimulate them. You can keep an eye on him and make funny faces as you email your boss. Babies who can crawl should be allowed to do so in protected spaces where you can watch them.

Myth Two: You should take several breaks during the workday to sit on the floor and play with your toddler.

Truth: Every time you take a break, your brain has to refocus on whatever task you were doing, ultimately taking up even more time. Your toddler might love the playtime, but your work quota will likely suffer Instead, try arranging morning toddler activities that can be done solo or with siblings. At midday, take a long lunch break doing something that will tucker your youngster out. A walk to the park with a picnic, a game of tag, or chasing the family dog around the yard will invigorate you and prep the little one for their afternoon nap.

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