Does Your Business Profile Get Enough Love?

Digital marketing revolves around building an online presence, at the core of which is your online business profile. When you first brought your business profile online, you probably set up a few social media accounts, posted a few pictures on your Facebook page and maybe even Tweeted an announcement that you were open for business. But without continual maintenance, your business profile will collect cobwebs faster than a tavern during the prohibition.


What have you done for me lately?

Your followers are always looking for the latest and greatest offerings from your social media accounts. It’s not enough that you announce your grand opening or a 20% off sale three months ago. You have to keep the offers flowing. Whether you’re offering up fashion tips from your online clothing store blog, or posting pictures of your company employee outing on Pinterest, the posts have to keep coming. Assume your followers have short-term memory loss. They don’t remember today what you did for them yesterday, so you have to keep reminding them why they follow you.

You never know where gold will turn up.

If you think that simply having a website and a stagnant online business profile is sufficient, think again. Business networking is still the key to drumming up leads, referrals and long-term business relationships. Just like in the old days when you handed your business card to everyone from the plumber to the guy sitting next to you on the subway, you should network everywhere. You never know where the gold will turn up. Don’t assume that certain social media sites are only for one specific demographic. Pinterest started out with women posting pretty pictures of hairstyles and tea sets. Now savvy business people post their business profile on Pinterest, like the Bob Pratt profile, because they recognize that people from all walks of life visit a variety of social media sites. Market your business profile everywhere you can.

Give the people what they want.

To really make your business profile stand out, make it out the people, not about you. In other words, your posts and tweets should have value to the people. Of course, it’s fine to toot your own horn just a little. If you’ve made a sizable donation to a charity, you can certainly announce it. But most of your posts should be about giving the people what they want. In order to do that, you have to find out what they want. This is where business marketing surveys really come in handy. A short survey with a few simple questions should be able to tell you if your followers are interested in receiving things like information, coupons, infographics, or investor tips from you. Whatever it is, make sure you comply. Try to put your own agenda in the background, and your followers wants in the foreground of your online business profile campaign.

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