Does Your Baby Need a Humidifier? How to Tell


Parents may wonder if their baby needs a humidifier. After all, adults sometimes feel the need to add moisture to the air during certain times of year. Maybe baby needs one, too?
The answer depends on several factors, and no one answer is going to be right for everyone. The first thing a mother needs to do is check with the baby’s pediatrician. If the doctor gives the okay, then you can determine if you want to go ahead with one, based on the following suggestions.

1. The climate inside and outside your home is a major consideration. Seasonal changes can drastically change the moisture content of the air your family breathes.

In New England, for example, the air in the winter can get so dry it causes dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. In the summer, however, coastal sea winds carry in so much moisture that outside metal lamp fixtures as far inland as 20 miles rust from the saltwater in the air.

If your hair, skin, and mucous membranes are getting dried out, chances are your baby’s are as well. Monitor your baby’s skin and, if necessary, try a humidifier to see if it helps.

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