Recruiting the Right Individuals The First Time?

From a recruiter’s perspective, knowing the right way to handle interview individuals after the interview can be tricky. Some interviewees are more needy than others and some can be downright presumptive, assuming they’ve got the job when in actuality your client may already have chosen someone else. Some of these problems may be avoided by recruiting the right individuals the first time around. It also helps by knowing how to follow up after a job interview. Here’s how to handle common job interviewee problems after the recruitment process is underway.

They Keep Calling You

First of all, you should look at any follow up call as a good sign that the interviewee is eager. It means that they liked what they saw and heard at the job interview, and they’re very interested. The problem arises when the employer doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. So here’s what you do. You politely take the interviewee’s phone call. You say that you got really good feedback (which you probably did, because you are a great recruiter, after all). Then you say that the employer went with another choice. You say that you are just as confused as they are, but that it turns out, they’re better off. You found out just recently that the employer’s not that great to work for, or that the salary was lower than what they deserve, or that you have a better offer waiting in the wings. Whatever you’re comfortable with. The point is, you don’t want to lose this person. You spent the time seeking them out. You’ll be able to find their perfect fit. It just won’t be this time.

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