What Can Employers and Prospective Employees Get from Job Boards?

The 2015 Job Boards Trends Survey results are in, and some definite trends can be distinguished among the nearly 200 respondents questioned for the survey. Among them, five trends in particular can be used to job board owners and users advantage.

Half of respondents get at least 50,000 unique hits every month.

When you consider that most job board owners rely on site traffic for advertising revenue and for credibility to build more employer subscribers, 50,000 unique hits is encouraging.

This would be a great statistic to advertise to job seekers and employers alike. The traffic can be interpreted to mean that more job candidates are visiting those sites, or it could be read to mean that more employers are using that particular job board to find qualified employees. Either way, those kinds of traffic numbers are positive.

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Does Your Business Profile Get Enough Love?

Digital marketing revolves around building an online presence, at the core of which is your online business profile. When you first brought your business profile online, you probably set up a few social media accounts, posted a few pictures on your Facebook page and maybe even Tweeted an announcement that you were open for business. But without continual maintenance, your business profile will collect cobwebs faster than a tavern during the prohibition.


What have you done for me lately?

Your followers are always looking for the latest and greatest offerings from your social media accounts. It’s not enough that you announce your grand opening or a 20% off sale three months ago. You have to keep the offers flowing. Whether you’re offering up fashion tips from your online clothing store blog, or posting pictures of your company employee outing on Pinterest, the posts have to keep coming. Assume your followers have short-term memory loss. They don’t remember today what you did for them yesterday, so you have to keep reminding them why they follow you.

You never know where gold will turn up.

If you think that simply having a website and a stagnant online business profile is sufficient, think again. Business networking is still the key to drumming up leads, referrals and long-term business relationships. Just like in the old days when you handed your business card to everyone from the plumber to the guy sitting next to you on the subway, you should network everywhere. You never know where the gold will turn up. Don’t assume that certain social media sites are only for one specific demographic. Pinterest started out with women posting pretty pictures of hairstyles and tea sets. Now savvy business people post their business profile on Pinterest, like the Bob Pratt profile, because they recognize that people from all walks of life visit a variety of social media sites. Market your business profile everywhere you can.

Give the people what they want.

To really make your business profile stand out, make it out the people, not about you. In other words, your posts and tweets should have value to the people. Of course, it’s fine to toot your own horn just a little. If you’ve made a sizable donation to a charity, you can certainly announce it. But most of your posts should be about giving the people what they want. In order to do that, you have to find out what they want. This is where business marketing surveys really come in handy. A short survey with a few simple questions should be able to tell you if your followers are interested in receiving things like information, coupons, infographics, or investor tips from you. Whatever it is, make sure you comply. Try to put your own agenda in the background, and your followers wants in the foreground of your online business profile campaign.

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Aussie Businesses Make Pitch for Summer Tourists

Tourism Australia’s goal is to increase Australia’s tourism industry by up to $140 billion by the year 2020. Will your business contribute to that goal? Will your business be able to claim your market share? Check out how similar companies to yours in the tourist business are planning to entice visitors from around the globe.

How Others Are Working It

Hilton routinely discounts room rates when the rest of world wants to swap out their shovel with a beach towel. This gives visitors a break on costs, and fills up the hotel’s rooms, usually bringing them up to capacity.

Tourist package companies are partnering with advertisers like Viator to draw tourists whenever they conduct online searches for Australia visitor attractions.

Some resorts offer guests a total package that includes guided wildlife tours, snorkeling excursions, scuba diving trips and more.

Where Are They Coming From?

Visitors to Australia come from all over the world, in numbers reaching into the six millions, at last count. Australia is a wildly popular destination for the people from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, and the U.S. Though many are from English-speaking countries, French, Italian, Danish and the Spanish are also frequent visitors. In years past, Chinese visitors have accounted for a large part of the Australian tourism market, and that upward trend is expected to continue in 2015. As such, your business should employ at least one person who is bilingual for each language.

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Looking to Improve Revenue? Try Communicating

Technology has made it possible for your employees and executive staff to communicate across a broad range of methods. But the same technology that makes communication easier makes it harder for humans to manage. The more ways customers can contact your business and your sales representatives, the more devices that need to be managed.


Multiple Devices Increase Chances for Failed Communication

Mobile phones, tablets, office phones, i-watches, desktop computers and laptops all have varying abilities to accept calls, emails, texts, notifications and messages from your source of revenue: your customers. With all these devices, it’s no small feat for your employees to manage them all with efficiency. The likelihood of missing a message or a call from a valued client or a potential new customer is high.

Eventually, customers who are trying to reach someone in your company are going to look elsewhere for their services. Your competition has found the solution, and now you have found it, too. Unified communications is the answer to centralizing all your employee’s communication needs.

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The Business of Keeping Employees Healthy

The devastating Ebola virus has been in the news for several months now. As the CDC continues their efforts to control the spread of this deadly outbreak, you may wonder, does your business have to worry about Ebola? Your employees and your business may indeed face risks unless you make it your business to keep employees healthy. Here are some proactive steps you can take.

Encourage Healthy Snacking

Ebola is essentially an immune system attacker. One of the ways your employees can guard against infection is to keep their immune system as strong as possible. Encourage healthy snacking in your business by offering incentives to employees who want to gain and maintain health. Replace office kitchen junk food with nutritious alternatives like the following:

Nuts and seeds instead of potato chips
Fresh fruit instead of donuts
Mineral water instead of soda pop
Herbal tea instead of caffeine-laden coffee

If you supply these snack and beverage items for free, your employees are more likely to choose them over junk food.

Sponsor Physical and Mental Fitness Classes

Many businesses pay for all or part of gym memberships. But go a step further and sponsor at least a portion of independent fitness classes such as yoga, kickboxing or meditation. All these help to put your employees in the mindset of fitness and health.

Make it Easy to Stay Home Sick

Diligent employees will often drag themselves into work with severe colds and fever because they feel that taking a sick day is frowned upon. But what ends up happening is they infect coworkers with their illness, and cause an outbreak of sickness in the office environment. If the illness is Ebola, the results could be ruinous. Make it clear to your employees that you do not want to see them in the office if they are sick. If you put provisions in place that will make it easy for them to stay home sick, they’ll be much more likely to heed your rule.

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Are You Retaining Your Top Employees?

As a small business owner, one of your main concerns is how to retain your top employees. You’ve spent months or even years grooming your employees to fulfill their highest potential. Now you can see the risk in having them leave, right when they provide the most value for your business.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that nearly 2 million Americans quit their jobs each year. Don’t let this alarming statistic impact your small business. Consider these ideas to retain your top employees so your business can reap the benefits of your own investment.

  1. Provide ample opportunities for advancement.

One top reason that people quit their job is to advance in their career. If you provide plenty of higher ranking and better paying opportunities for career-minded employees, you’ll be able to entice employees to move up within your company instead of looking elsewhere. Even small pay raises, along with better job titles, can be enough to discourage employees from re-entering the job market.

  1. Cultivate employee loyalty.

Employees who feel a sense of loyalty to you and their fellow employees are less likely to abandon ship just when their experience and skill level is at full sail. To cultivate employee loyalty, work on these aspects of your business:

  1. Build a team mentality.

When projects come up, instead of assigning one person to complete everything, break the project down into tasks and create a team to bring it to fruition. This will build camaraderie and a sense of accountability for each team member.

  1. Intertwine your brand with theirs.

Consider forming a sports team where your small business competes against other local small businesses in a friendly game of baseball, hoops, soccer, bowling, etc. If your town doesn’t have such an organization, you can work with the local chamber of commerce to create one.

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