Drink Up at This Year’s Wine Gala!

On November 2, 2013, enjoy a fabulous evening of gourmet dining and fine wine while helping a noble cause. Come to the Wine Gala 2013, in aid of Mobile Meals of Toledo. This year’s Wine Gala is being held at the Stranahan Great Hall, located at 4645 Heatherdowns Boulevard in Toledo. With over 10,000 square feet underneath opulent chandeliers, this event is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Free secured parking is available for guests, and there will be a coat check at the door.

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10 Pointers For Selecting The Ideal Online Payment Service For Your Website

Once you decide to monetize your website, you need to select the ideal online payment service. It’s important that you choose a good one, because if payment data is ever compromised, your business could lose money. In addition, you could be vulnerable to prosecution for negligence if your customers’ payment information is breached. So this isn’t the time to go bargain-basement shopping for a payment service provider.

Here are ten pointers to help you choose.

1. Is it easy for you to access the funds?

Read carefully about the funds transfer terms. If there’s a long waiting period after you request a payout or a funds transfer, keep looking. You should be able to access funds within three or four days at the most.

2. Is it compatible with your bank?

If they can’t or are unwilling to transfer the funds directly either into your bank account or onto a debit card you can use at a local qualified banking institution, that’s a red flag. Steer clear.

3. What kinds of data security do they have in place?

The payment data should be secured by encryption and beyond both on your customers’ end and on your end, where it is stored. Anything less leaves you vulnerable to litigation. Also, find out what their policies are if the unthinkable does occur.

4. Is it a recognizable name?

Potential customers are going to take a big step back if they don’t recognize your payment system’s name. You’re better off sticking with an internationally recognized name brand such as Intuit for processing credit cards.

5. Are they popular?

Popularity is important in a payment processing service. It indicates customer satisfaction because people and businesses wouldn’t use it if the service were shoddy.

6. What kind of reputation do they have?

Reputation goes hand in hand with popularity. Look for a reputation of excellent customer service, speed, and efficiency.

7. Do they service other businesses like yours?

It’s important that your payment processing company understands how your business operates and how your revenue is generated. When you’re interviewing a candidate, try to be clear about your business model and the type of service or product you provide.

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Does Your Baby Need a Humidifier? How to Tell


Parents may wonder if their baby needs a humidifier. After all, adults sometimes feel the need to add moisture to the air during certain times of year. Maybe baby needs one, too?
The answer depends on several factors, and no one answer is going to be right for everyone. The first thing a mother needs to do is check with the baby’s pediatrician. If the doctor gives the okay, then you can determine if you want to go ahead with one, based on the following suggestions.

1. The climate inside and outside your home is a major consideration. Seasonal changes can drastically change the moisture content of the air your family breathes.

In New England, for example, the air in the winter can get so dry it causes dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. In the summer, however, coastal sea winds carry in so much moisture that outside metal lamp fixtures as far inland as 20 miles rust from the saltwater in the air.

If your hair, skin, and mucous membranes are getting dried out, chances are your baby’s are as well. Monitor your baby’s skin and, if necessary, try a humidifier to see if it helps.

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Children’s Books That Changed Our Lives as Adults

Do your friends bring back porcelain pig souvenirs for you from their family vacations? Is your curio cabinet full of replica pigs of every size and dimension? Did you ever wonder to yourself why the sight of those little pink hairless pigs with squiggly tails just make your heart melt?

The answer might just be because as a child you read and loved the children’s book Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. Charlotte’s Web is named for the motherly spider, but the book is really about the hapless adventures of Wilbur, a naive, loving, and lovable orphan pig who finds himself in the company of a mélange of strange farm animals. The fact that your adult self loves pigs may be because your first encounter with one on the pages of this classic book was so positive.

Our likes and dislikes – the ones that seemingly have no origin in practicality are often the result of unconscious associations formed at a very young age. Consider the fact that so many young girls love horses. It’s possible that some of them – not all – fell in love early on with a horse named Black Beauty. Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, is simply the story of a horse and his various owners. But it’s really a tale of abuse, renewal, and unconditional love. Nary an eye was dry after the last pages of Black Beauty were turned. They were bittersweet tears over the happy ending. And chances are, this is a book you have placed on your baby’s bookshelf, hoping one day to share the emotions of it with your children.

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Getting Work Done With the Kids at Home? It Can be Done!

If the title of this article grabbed your attention, chances are you’ve got a young one at home grabbing at your heartstrings or your hemline. Online images of savvy business people working from home seldom include disposable diapers, dummies, or sippy cups. So can work be done with kids at home? Absolutely. But there are some supplies you’ll need, and you won’t find them at Officeworks.

Myth One: Your baby can sit on your lap as you enter data or write reports.

Truth: Your baby has better things to do. Babies less than one year old are better off sitting in a bouncy seat on the floor facing you, with a string of colorful rattles and shapes to stimulate them. You can keep an eye on him and make funny faces as you email your boss. Babies who can crawl should be allowed to do so in protected spaces where you can watch them.

Myth Two: You should take several breaks during the workday to sit on the floor and play with your toddler.

Truth: Every time you take a break, your brain has to refocus on whatever task you were doing, ultimately taking up even more time. Your toddler might love the playtime, but your work quota will likely suffer Instead, try arranging morning toddler activities that can be done solo or with siblings. At midday, take a long lunch break doing something that will tucker your youngster out. A walk to the park with a picnic, a game of tag, or chasing the family dog around the yard will invigorate you and prep the little one for their afternoon nap.

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How to Enhance Your Back Deck Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t have to break the bank to have a gorgeous deck. A little care and attention to details will have your back deck looking fresh in no time. Read on for some tips on how to dress up your back deck without emptying your bank account.

Clean the gutters.

The first step is to clean up debris on and around your deck, including from inside the overhanging gutters. Clean gutters will protect your home and the deck below, which you are trying to enhance.

If you never want to do this unsavory job again, consider investing in gutter guards. Gutter guards are installed once and can usually be relied upon to last as long as the house. They keep out debris and allow rainwater to run free along the length of the gutter and through the downspout.

Power wash the deck.

If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one from a large chain hardware store or a local equipment rental outlet. You’ll want to bring home a bottle of detergent especially formulated for decks to use in the power washer. Spend plenty of time on this step, using a stiff-bristle brush and extra detergent to scrub away stubborn stains.

Make sure you flush away any standing debris in the crevice between the deck and your home. Standing moisture here can rot away door thresholds, causing considerable work and time to repair. Allow the deck to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

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Want to Use Your Gym’s Daycare? Look For These Warning Signs That It’s a Bad Idea

In an effort to increase gym memberships and be able to advertise more benefits, some gyms now have daycare facilities for your child while you train. Before you use them, though, look out for these warning signs that you might want to skip the gym daycare.

1. No one else is using it.

Sometimes it’s a good thing not to follow the crowd. Take a cue from the other parents. If the daycare is routinely empty, they might know something you don’t.

2. The girl staffing the daycare looks suspiciously identical to the girl who signed you up for your gym membership.

Any daycare should have a dedicated, trained staff, not just beleaguered gym employees on diaper duty. You want someone looking after your baby who can handle any situation.

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