Are Babies Welcome in Your Company’s Family?

As a business owner, you could be losing out on solid female talent if your company is hostile to employees who are also parents. Even though the law states that you can’t discriminate against women who choose to become mothers, you may be inadvertently cultivating a workplace environment where women don’t feel comfortable divulging their family plan. Here’s how to make babies welcome in your company’s family while maintaining the integrity of your business goals.

Embrace Change

If your company is successful, you have understood the need to keep up with the latest tools and technology you need to beat out your competitors. It’s likely that your employees have had to get on board with company changes a multitude of times during their employment. It’s your turn to embrace the changes that your employees bring to the company. Employees are not stagnant two-dimensional assets. They are constantly changing and growing as individuals, and the more you embrace the changes that they experience in their personal lives, the more loyalty they’ll have toward you and your company.

Develop a Plan

Soon-to-be mothers have a natural tendency to worry whether their jobs will still be there for them when they return from maternity leave. You, too, may worry that a new mother may not want to come back to work after experiencing motherhood. It’s a valid concern, as you may have invested considerable time and money into making the employee one of your best. This can cause a silent tension between you, in the build up to her maternity leave. Help to ease her fears and your worries by developing a plan for her workload after the official maternity leave is over.

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