6 Questions to Unlock Your True Purpose in Life

Are you at that point where you’re wondering what your life is all about? Up until now, maybe you’ve just let life go by, spending it on the little things that seem to take up so much time. But when you slow down and start to wonder what’s it all for, you might find the answer elusive. Figuring out your true purpose isn’t always easy. If you ask the right questions, though, the doorway to your life’s meaning will be unlocked.


In a recent interview, Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki reiterates one of his truisms

from his book. When trying to decide on a career, ask yourself, what would you do for free? Answering this will give you insight into where your true passions lie. And remember, your true purpose isn’t necessarily some certain job. It can be a vocation, such as full-time motherhood or missionary work.


Almost everyone has lost something along the way. Maybe it was a beloved childhood teddy, a cherished pet, an heirloom ring, a box of love letters or even a family member. Ask yourself what in your life do you miss the most? Where is that vacant hole? When you contemplate what you feel is most lacking, you will get an idea of what it would take to fill that vacancy and make you whole again.

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