5 Ways to Sneak in “Alone Time” When it Seems Impossible

Women are commonly known to be givers. We give of ourselves to our kids, spouses, and friends. Between ferrying kids to and from soccer games, cooking, cleaning, providing a shoulder to cry on, and trying to look great doing it all, the stress creeps up on us. If the cracks are beginning to show and you feel you need some alone time, try these ideas.

Have more play dates

Who says play dates have to be organized and that you have to spend the entire time chatting with the other mom? A trip to a popular park with a jungle gym is a good way to get your kids to learn to socialize with kids they don’t know. And it’s the perfect time for you to sit alone on the bench with your favorite guilty read. Read on your tablet and no one will know you’re actually enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey. A simple cup of tea works wonders to relax us.
5 Ways to Sneak in "Alone Time" When it Seems Impossible

Take tea breaks

Unlike coffee, which Dunkin Donuts promises was made to drink on the run, tea was meant to be savored and sipped. Keep the kettle warm and make yourself a cup of tea whenever you feel stressed or frazzled. Then force yourself to stop doing whatever you were doing and find a quiet spot to enjoy it. Some teas that induce relaxation are chamomile and jasmine.

Travel more

It seems like we have been conditioned to hurry around and get to places as soon as possible. We time our schedules so that we have just enough time to arrive at our jobs, sporting events, and homes in order not to be late. Why? Why not take your time and sneak in some alone time by changing your mindset? The next time you have someplace to be, leave early – maybe an extra half hour or even 20 minutes. Then you can just meander your way there, spending time with your thoughts as you drive along. Consider taking back roads instead of hopping on the expressway. Your car is the perfect quiet place to spend some time alone. Even a park bench can provide respite from a difficult day.

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