4 Life Hacks to Fix Your Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Did you already break your New Year’s resolutions? You don’t have to wait all the way till next January 1st to try, try again. These four little tricks to fix your broken New Year’s resolutions will get you back on track again.

1. Keep Only the Ones You Really Want

Sometimes we confuse what we want with what we think we should want. Rewind and think about the resolutions you made. People tend to do things they want to do. Conversely, they tend to not do things they don’t want to do. Think about it. When you really want to do something, like play tennis, or go shopping, no one has to prod you along, right? 

It’s the same with your New Year’s resolutions. If you pretty much forgot about it the next day, chances are you never truly wanted to do it in the first place, or you were doing it for the wrong reasons. Figure out which of your resolutions you made because you really wanted to make a change, and which ones you made for someone or something else.

2. Simplify Your Life

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to eat more home cooked meals or to drink less, you could run into trouble if your life is too chaotic. As your mother and grandmother knew, making nutritious and delicious meals takes planning, time and practice. When you’re short on any of these ingredients, it will be nearly impossible to keep this resolution.

If your life looks like a series of fast-paced action scenes, with you racing in between trying to catch up, it will be difficult to enforce a self-imposed no drinking resolution. Instead, chances are you’ll be looking forward to kicking off your heels and flopping into a chair with a glass—or two—of merlot after a long day at work.

Making life changes, such as the ones we attempt with New Year’s resolutions, requires a certain amount of routine. The more calm and simple you can keep your life, at least while your resolutions become habits, the better your chances at making good on those resolutions.

3. Turn Back the Clock

Look, everyone knows that mankind invented time. It doesn’t really exist, except on clock faces and calendars. Sure, the sun rises and sets, and seasons change, but other than that, there are no years to speak of, except in history books.

What is so magical about January 1? Nothing.

Did you fall short on your New Year’s resolutions already? Just make today the first day of your new year. Make today the beginning, at least in your mind’s personal calendar. Don’t give up just because it’s January 15th or February 6th, and you’ve already broken every single resolution. You can always start fresh.

Visualize Your Success

Whether or not you believe in “The Secret,” the act of visualization seems to have both anecdotal and scientific proof to show that it works. The ability to see yourself in your mind’s eye as being successful in keeping your resolutions and reaching your goals is powerful and effective.

Find some quiet alone time and close your eyes. In bed, right before you go to sleep is often a good time. See yourself as you will be after you’ve achieved your goals. Try to make the visualization as specific as possible. Repeat this every day, or as often as you can. The more you do it, the closer you will get to your goal.




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