4 Great Reasons to Skip Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for genuine love in a committed relationship? Then you might want to skip the whole Valentine’s Day tradition. Here are four great reasons why.

1. Why Should the Celebration of Love be Restricted to a Single Day?

Love is such a substantive and weighty sentiment that it seems wrong to trivialize it by honoring it for just one day. If you value the idea of abiding love that lasts through decades, and gets couples through the worst and best times of their lives, don’t you agree that any faithful celebration of love should last more than 24 hours? We’re talking about love; a life-altering human emotion that inspires people to sacrifice, move mountains, and perform acts of blind passion. People die for love, for heaven’s sake. One day can’t do that justice.

2. There Are Other Days When You Need it More

If you’re like most women—and there’s no reason to think you’re not—you experience many days where you feel unlovable, incapable, lost, inferior, or just a little bit blue.

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