Kate Supino's Portfolio

I am a full-time, professional freelance writer
with over 10 years of experience writing for digital and print media. 

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I am Hubspot Inbound Certified, Email Marketing Certified, and an expert SEO writer. Whether you require website copy, email copy, blog posts, product descriptions, articles or whitepapers,  I can accommodate your needs.


"Kate always seems to know intuitively what we're looking for."

Bryan S., Monster.com

"Thanks, Kate! This is exactly what we envisioned!"

Dennis H., Groove Digital Media

"Not only does Kate write great copy - she's never missed a deadline."

Kylie M., Business.com

"I relied on Kate to get my business website up and running quickly. She's a pleasure to work with, and incredibly talented."

Sylvia K., USimplySeason.com

"I'm constantly amazed at what Kate is able to create out of thin air, using just her writing skills!"

Mary K.D., BenchmarkBookkeeping.com

"Kate has been my go-to writer for years. She never disappoints!"

Kevin L., Entrepreneur

"We went through three writers trying to get our corporate eBook written right. Kate nailed it on the first round! So impressed!"

Julie L., IDG Research Services

"Kate is not only a talented writer; she's a real joy to work with."

Martha P., Lynne Rienner Publishers